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The shop is closed Saturdays now through August 16th, so visit us during the week for repairs, overhauls, appraisals, and to play basses and cellos in the showroom. Appointments are appreciated, please call us at 212.274.1322.

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Store Specials
CodaBow Prodigy Violin Bow
Pirastro Chorda Bass Gut Strings
Gotham Song Violin Bow
Gamut Pistoy Bass Gut Strings

David's Corner

The 3 H's from Hell, Part I: Heat and Humidity
David Gage

Acoustic string basses, even more so than electric basses, are greatly affected by the 3 h's from hell; heat, humidity and handling. The string bass is a high maintenance instrument. It seems appropriate that as I write this article for the...

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Bass Gallery
Neuner Hornsteiner
A beautiful 19th-century German orchestral bass.
An elegant bass from a stellar new Italian maker.
Jean Auray
A skillfully made bass from a French master.
W Tarr
A simply fantastic Tarr bass c.1850.
Cello Gallery
Paul Claudot
An excellent, unique cello c.1850 with a large, clear voice and great depth of tone.
John Sipe
John Sipe cello

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Appointments are highly recommended for rentals, repairs, appraisals, and the instrument showroom. We may not be able to accommodate walk-ins.

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