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For rental inquiries, please call the shop at 212-274-1322, or email at spencer.friedman@davidgage.com.
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Instrument Size Quantity
Bass: Beginner Student Plywood
Bass: Advanced Student Hybrid
Bass: Professional Plywood
Bass: Czech-Ease Road Bass
Bass: Professional Carved
Bass: Professional 5-String Carved
Bass: Professional C-Extension Carved
Cello: Beginner Student Carved
Cello: Advanced Student Carved
Cello: Professional Carved
Viola: Student
Violin: Beginner Student
Violin: Advanced Student
Violin: Realist Violin Standard 4-string
Violin: Realist Violin Professional 4-string
Violin: Realist Violin Standard 5-string
Violin: Realist Violin Professional 5-string

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If yes, please choose from the following:Quantity:
Bass Bow: Wood French
Bass Bow: Fiberglass French
Bass Bow: Carbon Fiber French
Bass Bow: Wood German
Bass Bow: Fiberglass German
Bass Bow: Carbon Fiber German
Cello Bow: Wood
Cello Bow: Fiberglass
Viola Bow: Wood
Violin Bow: Wood
Violin Bow:Fiberglass
Violin Bow:Carbon Fiber

Additional requests...

A bass stand
A pickup
A wheel
A flight case
To arrange transportation for your instrument


Insurance, either through DGSI or renter-provided, is required for all professional carved-wood instruments. All customers are required to leave a credit card number on file. For monthly rentals, payment for the first three months (i.e. the minimum rental period) is due upon instrument pick-up. For short-term rentals, the full amount is due upon instrument pick-up.

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