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Id # Origin/Name Age Level Status Price
3069G.A. Pfretzschner  N/AIn stock$1,400
2958J. Poullot N/AIn stock$8,000
2945Roger Zabinski N/AIn stock$4,000
2930Buthold N/AIn stock$6,500
2511Doelling, B. Michael 7 yrs In stock$3,500
2489Kun, Jos N/AIn stock$4,000
2484Doelling, Bernd 32 yrs In stock$5,000
2466Morizot, L attr to. 90 yrs In stock$6,000
2337Roy Quade 15 yrs In stock$4,500
1976Lucchi, Giovanni (shop of) N/AIn stock$3,000
1876Pfretzschner, W.A. 60 yrs In stock$2,000
1845Ricketts, J.K. 31 yrs In stock$4,000
1841Doelling, B. Michael 11 yrs In stock$2,500
1835Horst Schicker N/AIn stock$4,000
358Marco Raposo N/AIn stock$750