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Id # Origin/Name Age Level Status Price
3584Ary France  N/AConservatoryIn stock$500
3267J.J. Wilson  N/AProfessional$3,500
3265Emil Kuehnl N/AConservatoryIn stock$2,000
2929Unknown 130 yrs ProfessionalIn stock$3,000
2760Pierre Yves Fuchs N/AProfessionalIn stock$8,000
2601Valdecir 7 yrs ConservatoryIn stock$1,300
2587Rodney Mohr N/AProfessionalIn stock$4,800
2383August Rau  N/AProfessionalSold$1,300
2373A. Lamy  N/AProfessionalSold$450
2359Roger Lotte  N/AProfessionalIn stock$3,500
348German Cello Bow N/AStudent$800
4Dorfler 20C 6 yrs ConservatoryIn stock$925
3Coda Diamond GX 6 yrs ConservatoryIn stock$913
2Coda Diamond SX 6 yrs ConservatoryIn stock$644
1Coda Diamond NX  6 yrs StudentIn stock$445
0Coda Prodigy 6 yrs StudentIn stock$342