Irving Sloane Bass Machines

The invention of legendary luthier Irving Sloane, these tuners combine industry-leading functionality with unparalleled beauty. Buy & Learn More

  • Cast bronze with stainless steel worm gear
  • 50:1 gear ratio, precisely tooled for exceptional smoothness and accuracy
  • Patented adjustable handle tension allows you to equalize tension across all strings
  • Available in four handle styles: English "oval," Italian “winged,” Original "cello,” or Venetian "key"
  • New and lighter with anodized aluminum cores, a four-tuner set can now weigh up to 323 grams less!

Irving Sloane (1925–1998) was a guitar maker as well as the author of world famous books on guitar making. Above all, he was a luthier's luthier. He not only built and repaired guitars but also designed some of the best luthier tools ever created. His finger and palm planes, bridge clamp, fret rule, bending iron, thickness caliper, sound hole/purfling cutter, crack repair knife, and splint shaping jig are trade classics used in the world's best repair shops. Irving always combined technical and artistic talents to produce tools that worked as well as they looked.

In 1987 Irving patented a new design for classical guitar tuning machines, to eliminate gear backlash. He designed the machines to look better and work better than any others. Soon afterwards he utilized his wealth of knowledge and redesigned these patented machines for the string bass. The central aspect of this patent is the built-in handle tensioning system. The system is a simple nut and washer assembly at the base of the handle that not only allows for variable "feel" while tuning but also for quick and inexpensive handle replacement. We at David Gage String Instruments are proud to be the sole licensee of the Irving Sloane Tuning Machines for String Bass.

Among bass players and luthiers, the Irving Sloane Bass Machines have quickly become the finest.

Irving Sloane
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