We have moved and reorganized!

After more than 40 years in business, David Gage String Instruments has moved to a new NYC downtown location and has reorganized itself into two separate entities working out of the same building.

For all things related to retail, repair and rental of bowed and fretted instruments, please contact or visit Finlay + Gage at the address below. The luthiers formerly of David Gage String Instruments are now working at
Finlay + Gage.

David Gage will focus on creating more products for The Realist and bringing the brand that he and Ned Steinberger created to a larger audience. As a luthier, David will be focusing on specialty projects including restorations. Stay tuned for more news from The Realist and David over the coming months.

Finlay + Gage
113 Chambers Street, NY NY 10007
Phone: 212.274.1322
Matthew: matthew@finlayandgage.com
Sam: finlay@finlayandgage.com
Website: www.finlayandgage.com

David Gage String Instrument
95 Reade Street, NY NY 10013
Phone: 917.837.6657/212.274.9634
Judy: Judy.Gage@davidgage.com
David: eppis@davidgage.com

Contact Info

  • 95 Reade Street, ground floor
    New York, NY 10013
  • Judy.Gage@davidgage.com
  • 917.837.6657
  • 212.274.9634
  • https://www.davidgage.com

Business Hours


Monday-Friday, 9:30-5:30
by appointment only.