Finally, there's an acoustic instrument you can travel with – and we love it.  


The Czech-Ease Acoustic Road Bass from David Gage Stringed Instruments is a prime solution for the active bass player without compromising sound or aesthetics.

The Czech-Ease...will shine over all previous attempts to replace the full-size acoustic bass with a more convenient solution to carry around. I speak from experiencing it myself by being a professional bass player for the last 15 years.

Christian Fabian

The RV-4 had a warm, easy sound, remarkably good for the price point, while the Pro-model five-string had a big, rich tone.

Erin Shrader

The David Gage Realist SoundClip for Bass easily portable pickup designed to let you “take your sound with you.”

Erin Shrader

Realist Docking Station:
Bass Volume Control for All

Jon Paul

David Gage Czech-Ease Acoustic Road Bass:
...The Czech Ease bass has a rich, dark, warm voice and really sings whether I am playing pizzicato or using my bow.

David Chevan