Gage Travel Case

After 30 years of sending bassists on the road, we’ve created the finest travel case yet. Buy & Learn More

  • Made of durable Kevlar and fiberglass.
  • White exterior to reflect ultraviolet rays, keeping the instrument cool.
  • Neoprene gasket lining seated in top lip retaining trough to seal out moisture.
  • All latches and handles recessed to guard against damage. Spring loaded, rubber grip, strategically placed handles that recoil below the surface of the trunk.
  • Interior fitted with unique air bag and suspension system. Each bag has two connected chambers that conform to the instrument's shape.
  • Tough rubber sling that cradles the scroll and absorbs vibration and impact.
  • Humidifier in all trunks; necessary when traveling in high altitudes and through different climates.
  • Cases designed to have padded cover over instrument while in the case, affording extra humidity and temperature protection.
  • Extremely wide wheel base at bottom of back. No tipping while going over cobblestones, rounding corners, or rushing through airports.
  • Butterfly "key-less" latches keep the trunk light and are easy for airport security to open and close, reducing damage to the trunk and its contents during inspection.
  • Click here for weights and dimensions.

The Gage Case is the strongest, sleekest, most road-proven travel trunk on the market because it has to be.

Gage Travel Case
for Bass/Cello